At the outset we would like to introduce ourselves as WIRE CONTROL ELECTRICAL & CONT. CO., a leading electrical trading & contracting company from last three decades, having a very huge customer base and 3 shops in different locations in Kuwait.


M/s. WIRE CONTROL ELECTRICAL & CONT. CO. was formed in 1991, serving the Gulf market on Government and Private Projects with quality electrical material (all types). We are the agents, distributor and stockist for many leading brands of overseas companies like Major European manufactures Japan and Far Eastern Countries. Since, its inception, WIRE CONTROL ELECTRICAL & CONT. CO. has grown into one of the leading electrical prospective suppliers for variety of electrical goods in Kuwait market.

WIRE CONTROL ELECTRICAL & CONT. CO. also does contracting for projects and has separate division to cater the Oil & Petroleum Sector, participating in many tenders. During the years we have been in business, we learned the availability of products, quality and price of the material is what the Client is looking for and made us competitive in this very demanding and growing markets.

WIRE CONTROL ELECTRICAL & CONT. CO. not only offers normal supply of material but also supports its clients with highly experienced technical services as well, which leads to clientele satisfaction.

Also, our main goal at WIRE CONTROL ELECTRICAL & CONT. CO. is to gather a wide range of products in our offer, which will be competitively priced and superior in quality. Our products are of a design and quality, which should enable a local company to market them profitably.